Is Life Getting Harder or are we just putting more activities into our working day that makes it feel as if life is getting harder?


Is Life Getting Harder

Is Life Getting Harder

It was my first day back at work today, after almost three week’s holiday. It was wonderful to have time off work, see the family and recharge the batteries. It’s amazing how hard we all work. I am sure that life is more complicated today than it was ten or twenty years ago! I accept that we have a lot of devices that make our lives easier, we can travel the world within 24 hours. The internet can help us see the world and speak to the family and friends who live in different towns and countries. However, I still think life is complicated, and there are more worries today. I don’t think it’s an age thing, honest, but I would love to hear your opinion on this. What do you think Is life getting harder?


While on holiday, I discovered that one of my Uncles has decided to look into my family history and we have discovered that one of our ancestors was Prussian.  It’s so exciting to learn about the history of one’s family. One of the interesting aspects of my family is that the women are all strong and the ones that seem to move from country to country. They are also the ones who start Business and become self-sufficient. I am pleased to say that they are my ancestors.


Is life getting harder – my solution

Like many people, I have one New Year’s resolution this year. That is to charge my mobile phone every night so that it ready for use at all times.  I accept that a phone as a necessity. It’s one of those modern conveniences that seems to take a lot of time and makes you available to everyone 24/7. Just another example of life becoming harder and people expecting to talk to you or hear from you immediately.  Who doesn’t receive the odd email and then a phone call to see if you received the email?