FPlease, would you share some of your creative designs in the kitchen?  We would love to hear what you enjoy to make, how you came about the recipe and is it a family favourite.  How much does it cost to make the dish and what tips can you pass on?

My Grandmothers Recipe for Fairy Cakes

Every time I went to visit my grandmother (on my mother’s side) she would have a tray of fairy cakes waiting for us.

She got the recipe from her old BE-Ro Home Recipes cookbook.

Ingredients for my GGrandmothersFairy Cakes

4oz self-raising flour
2oz sugar
2oz Margarine
1 egg
Some Milk


She would beat the sugar and margarine together to make a kind of cream. Then stir in the flour and the egg with a little milk. She would then place the mixture into small cases and bake for about 20 minutes. They would have to be left to go cold and then she would add some icing sugar and sprinkles or jelly tots. Wonderful.

Now, of course, they are a little bigger and called Cup Cakes.
I once told my other gran that she would make lots of Fairy Cakes. Next time I went to my Dads mothers house, she had a tray of Fairy Cakes.

Honey Ice Cream

I love ice Cream and my favorite is currently Ben and Jerry’s. But in WW2 the ingredients were not around or were very difficult to get hold of. I found this recipe on line. I may give it a try.


Recipes used during WW2

Honey Ice Cream WW2 Recipes