Gran's Recipe of Sherry Trifle

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I am a big fan of QI and watched an episode on Dave a few days ago. Mr Alan Davies was talking to Sandi Toksvig about his memories of his grandmother. One of the greatest things Mr Davies misses about his grandmother was her homemade trifle. It’s such a shame to be in a position when you lose a Gran’s recipe like this. Mr Davies, Gran’s recipe for trifle could have so easily been saved. Mrs Toksvig has also stated that she recently purchased a book and it starting to write all her favourite recipes for her children.

The Women’s Oral History website has been created for exactly this reason. We shouldn’t be in a position to say we miss our grandmother and she made the best trifle. My grandmother made the best fairy cakes ever. After they have been baked, she would ice them and put hundreds and thousands (now called sprinkles) on them. We wouldn’t or couldn’t wait until the icing had hardened before eating. She started to make them when we went to bed.

My Gran’s Recipe Be-Ro Cookbooks

Gran's Recipe found in Be-Ro

Be-Ro Cookbook for lost recipes

My Gran’s recipe came from an old cookbook entitled Be-Ro Home Recipes. I have begun to collect the cookbooks myself. My mother has all three of the cookbooks shown below. Unfortunately, I only have the red and blue one. I am keeping my eyes open for a brown or first edition. Initially, the cookbooks were given away with Be-Ro self-raising flour. The cookbooks became so popular that they started to sell them on their own.

Each year our family Christmas cake is still made from a recipe from this book. When I decided to bake homemade cakes and biscuits, this cookbook is my first port of call. On the other hand, my father is a fan of newer cookbooks that are savoury based and show a lot of sauce and meat-based cooking.